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Saturday, May 14, 2011

COLBERT: Rick Santorum's Long-Term Google Sex Term Problem Is Not As Bad As Chris Lee's "Short-Time Craigslist Problem"

rick santorum
Stephen Colbert fully supports Rick Santorum for 2012.

Santorum's major asset: name recall.

His major flaw? Also, name recall.

As most people know by this point, the top Google search result for Rick Santorum is an obscene sex term assigned to him by Dan Savage.

After Santorum compared man-on-man sex in 2003 to man-on-dog sex, Savage told his readers to "Google bomb" Santorum, so the top search result for his name would be a graphic sex term. (If you want to know what it is, just Google it).

The Google bomb worked, and Rick Santorum has been complaining lately about how this is the cross he must bear.

But Santorum complaining about it is only making the problem worse, and last week his name was one of the hottest search terms on Google.

"By now the only people who haven't heard about this are the Amish," said Colbert. "He'll do well with the Pennsylvania Dutch."

Oh, well. At any rate, Colbert makes the point that a long term Google problem like Santorum's is still better than a short-term Craigslist problem like Chris Lee's, (who resigned within 3 hours after Gawker broke the story that Chris Lee had sent sexy topless pictures of himself to a woman on Craigslist.)

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