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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blue Bloods Season Finale Review: "The Blue Templar"

After a full season of hints, allusions, and foreshadowing, "The Blue Templar" was finally front and center for the finale of Blue Bloods.
Once Jamie told the family about his private investigation into Joe's death, things took off pretty quickly. Frank took over and delegated tasks to Danny, Henry, and Erin, the only people he deemed he could trust.

Blue Bloods Season Finale Review: Frank's emotions were just under the surface as Danny and Erin bickered over whether there was enough evidence to move forward. But the entire family worked this case with a laser focus. This was personal, but catching the bad guys is also the family business.

Jackie definitely had Danny's back on this one but it did make me wonder who had Jackie's? When she called Danny to say she'd been run off the road, he didn't seem overly concerned. We're talking about the Blue Templar here. They killed his brother. I would have thought he'd be a little more concerned for his partner's safety.

Frank was pretty impressive when he stalked out of that SUV for the final take down. He got out of the car looking every bit the part of the enforcer. Of course, having an ESU team backing him certainly helped.

Having the song Highway to Hell playing in the background as they busted this crew was a nice touch, as well.

I'll miss Malevsky. When he just about smiled as Frank asked who killed his son, it was downright evil. He managed to be sleazy, intimidating, and highly entertaining, but taking his own life was a fitting send off for this character.

Jamie took a backseat in this investigation as Frank said there were too many eyes on him. That made sense but it seemed odd that the one person who spearheaded this from the start was left out for most of the conclusion. I was happy to see him included in the final take down. It was a moment of closure for the entire family.

Only the Reagans argue over who's going to say grace at family dinner because everyone actually wants to.

Blue Bloods grew stronger throughout its first season. I'll miss the Reagan clan over the summer but I'm excited to have them over for dinner again come fall.

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